I have been thinking of launching this site for quite a long time. I even wrote a website in PHP Laminas to self-host the content. However, once I became introduced to Jekyll and GitHub Pages, I decided to use this technology and openly publish on GitHub. This would also allow the readers to file issues, and event contribue to the content. Last, but not least, it is free and will hopefully stay for a longer time, even probably longer than me.

I have plans to add daily posts to this website. Most of the posts will be technical and will involve Android, the web, networking, containers, Jetpack Compose (which I have been busy with for roughly two years now), and occasionally various technology topics.

Because this is an introduction post, and Hello World is often developers’ first say, I am going to end this post with a hello world in C, in the honor of the first programming language I learned.

#define HELLO_WORLD "Hello World"
int main(){
  printf("%s\n", HELLO_WORLD);

  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Check back soon. You can communicate with me through issues or via the profile Email.